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"A Roadmap to Court Information"
You have reached the 5th Court of Appeals Legacy System
TAMES Server access - For cases filed on or after 09/01/2012, use the link or to search for and display the case information. As mentioned below, older cases (those filed prior to 09/01/2012) are being added to the TAMES system (in reverse chronological order) and will also begin to appear as their data is input.
  On Wednesday, August 29, 2012, the 5th Court of Appeals will begin transitioning to a new website that functions in conjunction with the TAMES Case Management system. The TAMES system, provided by the Office of Court Administration in Austin, is also utilized by the other Texas appellate courts and the web interface should be familiar.
The 5th Court's website will initially only have information from 1981-2007 available online. As the clerk's office converts to the TAMES system, cases filed after 2007 will also begin to appear as their data is input. The conversion/transition is expected to last nine weeks.
Note: All vNotice! registrations and case subscriptions will need to be redone as casenotes by the individual users within the new system.
If you are seeking information that is not on the website, you can continue to check on this website via: or call the 5th Court clerk's office directly at 214-712-3400.

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