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Doe, John v. Texas, The State of
Date On: 02/14/96 - 013725020 - McKinney, W. Troy Date Off: / /
Date On: 02/14/96 - 012345678 - Jones, Sue Date Off: / /

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Finds case numbers for Barcard 013725020
(Notice the Extra 0 at the Front of the Texas Barcard Numbers)
So this would locate cases for Troy McKinney

Sue Jones
Finds case number for information containing the words "Sue" and "Jones"

[Jones, Sue]
Finds all case information containing the phrase "Jones, Sue" (rather than just documents containing the word "Sue" and the word "Jones")

Finds case numbers for any word beginning with "Star" - for example "Star", "Starr", and "Stark".

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