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Legal Notice:
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COURTSTUFF.COM is a registered domain name wholly owned by Charles A. Matz. "COURTSTUFF.COM" is our trademark and "A Roadmap to Court Information" is our slogan & motto. vNotice is our method of describing the emailing of case activity and opinion listings to registered users. The html pages bearing either "COURTSTUFF.COM", "WWW.COURTSTUFF.COM" or various capitalization variations such as "" are @ copyright protected.

"JIST" and vNotice are acronyms utilized to describe the vNotices! Judicial Information System Technology robot used to send electronic notifications for case activity and are @ copyright protected.

Government documents are by design and common use within the public domain under "Freedom of Information" guidelines. No claim is made to original government works. However, these pages constitute a private document and collectively reflect a unique pattern of selecting, editing, hypertext annotating, testing, searching and display of government documents.

Charles A. Matz' copyrights extend to at least the HTML CODE, ARCHITECTURE, TAXONOMY OF THE DATA (url's), and CONTENT STRUCTURE found in the web pages each page of which bears either
"A Roadmap to Court Information"

and an @ copyright protected symbol and each page is referenced to this copyright protection clause.

You may not make electronic copies of these copyrighted materials nor redistribute them to 3rd parties in any form without written permission.


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