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Doe, John v. The State of Texas
Date Filed: 01/02/96
Type Offense: MURDER
Trial Cause#: MB12-34567-ZL
Trial Court: COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT NO 10 Trial Court ID: 540574110
Trial Court Judge: Smith, Jane County: DALLAS

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Finds case numbers starting with 05-96-00001 and ending with anything
So this would locate 05-96-00001-CR or 05-96-00001-CV

Smith not *-CR
Finds all documents containing the word "Smith" but not any words ending in "-CR". (This would eliminate the Criminal cases because their casenumbers would all end with -CR)

John Doe
Finds case information which contains the words "John" and "Doe"

[Doe, John]
Finds all case information containing the phrase "Doe, John" (rather than just documents containing the word "John" and the word "Doe").

Dallas or Colin not Hunt
Finds all case information containing either "Dallas" or "Colin" but not the word "Hunt".

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