CASE HISTORY for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

Ontiveros, Francisco Antonio v. The State of Texas
  Date Filed: 04/23/2012  Original Proceeding (Y/N): N
  Reg/Acc: R  Type Offense: AGGROBRY Punishment: 20 Yrs TDCJ/No Fine        
  Def.In Jail (Y/N):     Bond:         0
  Trial Cause#: F10-62236-Q     
  Trial Court: 204TH DISTRICT COURT        County: DALLAS        
  Trial Court Judge: Levario, Lena                      
  Trial Ct.Reporter: Garza, Marissa               Trial Court ID: 320570204

ATTORNEY INFORMATION for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

  Code Type  Date On    Date Off   No. Code Represents
  APP AP ATT 04/23/2012 10/30/2012  N   ATT ONTIVEROS, FRANCISCO ANTONIO  
   018692100 Bush, Valencia                     
  APP PRO SE 10/30/2012   /  /      Y   INM ONTIVEROS, FRANCISCO ANTONIO  
   051200535 NOT ON FILE                        
  CLK        04/23/2012   /  /      N   DCK                               
   000000204 Clerk, Dallas District             
  CTR        04/23/2012   /  /      N   CTR                               
   000000204 Reporter, Court                    
  JDG        04/23/2012   /  /      N   JDG                               
   000000204 Judge,                             
  STA DT ATT 04/23/2012   /  /      Y   ATT THE STATE OF TEXAS            
   000791886 Watkins, Craig                     

CALENDAR INFORMATION for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

  Cal    Date       Time  Reason      Or.Arg
  STAT   01/09/2013       MANDAT DUE      vCalendar (Internet Calendar) link <-What is this vCalendar icon for?
  STAT   10/29/2018       DESTRY REC      

EVENT INFORMATION for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

  Date       Procdg Event        By     Disp.  M#   Bk/Pg   O E 
  04/13/2012        JUDGMENT                          /        
  04/13/2012        NOA FILED    TC                   /        
  04/19/2012        MNT FILED                         /        
  04/23/2012        32.1 NOTICE  CR                   /        
  04/23/2012        CERT FILED                        /        
  04/23/2012        NOA FILED    CR                   /        
  05/01/2012        D/S FILED    APP                  /        
  07/03/2012        RPT REC FLD                       /        
  08/10/2012        CLK REC FLD                       /        
  08/11/2012        RECORD DUE                        /        
  08/21/2012        BRIEF FILED  APP                  /     N  
  08/21/2012        MT WDR ATTY  APP                  /        
  08/23/2012        LETTER SENT  COA                  /        
  09/09/2012        BRIEF DUE    APP                  /        
  09/20/2012        BRIEF DUE    STA                  /        
  10/30/2012        MEM OPINION         AFFIRM    101 /4637    
  10/30/2012        REC RETENTON        DESTRY        /        
  10/30/2012        WDR ATT DISP        GRANT     101 /4636    

ARCHIVE INFORMATION for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

  Seq How Began            Began      @Issue    Set Submitted
   1  FILING               04/23/2012   /  /     N    /  /    

OPINION INFORMATION for Case Number: 05-12-00535-CR

Search 5th Court Opinions for 05-12-00535-CR
  Case Number    Date Evt   Proceed Event        Descr  Dispo. Aut
  05-12-00535-CR 10/30/2012         MEM OPINION         AFFIRM MMF
  Per Curiam: N  Published: N
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