State of Texas Seal Court of Appeals
Fifth District of Texas
Abbreviations in Case Information Data Fields

01:Type of Criminal Offense 01:ANDERS - Ander's 01:ARSON - Arson 01:ASSAULT - Assault or Attempted Murder 01:BURGLARY - Burglary 01:CAP MURD - Capital Murder 01:CAR THFT - Auto Theft 01:COK POSS - Possession of Cocaine 01:COK SALE - Sale/Delivery of Cocaine 01:DBL JEOP - Double Jeopardy 01:DENY BND - Deny Bond 01:DWI - DWI 01:EX BOND - Excessive Bond 01:FORGERY - Forgery 01:FUGITIVE - Fugitive From Justice 01:HABEAS - Habeas Corpus 01:MAR POSS - Marijuana Possession 01:MAR SALE - Marijuana Sale or ManUfacture 01:MISD - All Misdemeanors 01:MURDER - Murder-Voluntary Manslaughter 01:ODG POSS - Other Drug Possession 01:ODG SALE - Other Drug Sale 01:OTH FEL - Other Felony 01:RAPE - Rape 01:ROBBERY - Robbery 01:SX ABUSE - Sexual Abuse, Rape or Injury of a Child 01:THEFT - Theft
02:Type of Civil Offense 02:AUTO PI - Auto Personal Injury/Damages 02:CERTRI - Certiorari 02:CONDEM - Condemnation 02:CONTRACT - Accounts, Contracts, Notes 02:DIVORCE - Divorce 02:HABCOR - Habeas Corpus 02:INJUNC - Injunction 02:JUVENILE - Juvenile 02:MANDAMUS - Writ of Mandamus 02:NON ADV - Non-Adversary 02:OTH CIV - Other Civil 02:OTHER PI - Other Personal Injury/Damages 02:PROHIB - Prohibition 02:RECIPROC - Reciprocals 02:T/INJUNC - Temporary Injunction 02:TAX - Tax 02:WORK COM - Workers Compensation 02:WR ERR - Writ of Error
03:Type of Fees 03:CLERKS RECORD - Clerk's record 03:COPIES - Photocopies 03:CREDIT - Credit due to party paying 03:EXPRESS - Express Fees 03:FAX - Fax 03:FILING - Filing Case 03:MEDIATION FEE - Mediation Fee 03:OTHER - Other Fees 03:RPTS RECORD - Reporter's Record 03:STATE OF FACTS - Statement of Facts 03:SUP CLK RECORD - Supplemental Clerk's record 03:SUP RPT RECORD - Supplemental reporter's record 03:SUP SOF - Supplemental Statement of Facts 03:SUP TRANSCRIPT - Supplemental Transcript 03:SUPREME COURT - Supreme Court Fees 03:TRANSCRIPT - Transcript
04:Paid Status 04:EXEMPT - Exempt 04:NOT PAID - Fee Not Paid 04:OFF - Write-off 04:PAID - Fee Paid 04:PAUPER - Pauper Oath 04:UNKNOWN - Unknown
05:Party Code 05:ADL - Civil - Ad Litem 05:ANT - Civil - Appellant 05:APE - Civil - Appellee 05:APP - Criminal - Applicant 05:CLK - County/District Court Clerk 05:CTR - Court Reporter - Trial Court 05:DCK - District Clerk 05:INV - Intervenor 05:JDG - Judge - Trial Court 05:MED - Mediator 05:OTH - Other 05:REL - Relator 05:RES - Respondent 05:RLP - Real Party in Interest 05:STA - Criminal - State of Texas
06:Person Code 06:ADL - Ad Litem 06:ATT - Attorneys 06:CLK - County/District Court Clerk 06:CTR - Court Reporter 06:DCK - District Clerk 06:INM - Inmates 06:JDG - Judge 06:MED - Mediator 06:OTH - Other 06:PHV - Pro Hac Vice
07:Counsel Type 07:ADL - Ad Litem 07:AM CUR - Amicus Curiae 07:AP ATT - Appointed Attorney 07:ATT GN - Attorney General 07:CD ATT - Criminal District Attorney 07:CT ATT - County Attorney 07:DCK - District Clerk 07:DT ATT - District Attorney 07:JDG - Judge 07:LD - lead counsel 07:PD ATT - Public Defender 07:PRO BO - Pro Bono 07:PRO SE - Pro Se 07:PUB DF - Assistant Public Defender 07:RE ATT - Retained Attorney 07:ST ATT - State Prosecuting Attorney
08:Events of the Case 08:$10 FEE DUE - $10.00 fee due 08:$10 FEE PAID - $10.00 Fee Paid 08:$125 FEE DUE - $125 filing fee due 08:$125 FEE PD - $125 filing fee paid 08:$50 FEE DUE - $50 filing fee due 08:$50 FEE PAID - $50.00 Fee Paid 08:$75 FEE DUE - $75.00 filing fee due 08:$75 FEE PAID - $75 Fee Paid 08:28.3 RECORD - Sworn copies from parties instead of clerk record 08:32.1 NOTICE - Docketing statement notice 08:ABATE DISP - Motion to Abate Disposed 08:ABRIEF DISP - Amended brief disposed 08:ABRIEF FILED - Amended Brief Filed 08:ABRIEF RECD - Amended Brief Received 08:ACCELER DISP - Motion to Accelerate Appeal Disposed 08:ADR LTR SENT - Letter Sent Regarding ADR Program 08:ADR NC LTR - ADR Non-Compliance Letter Sent Re: CAIS 08:ADR RFR ORD - ADR Referral Order Issued 08:ADR RPT DISP - ADR Referral Order Disposed 08:ADR RPT DUE - Settle/Not Settle - ADR Report Due 08:ADR RPT FLD - ADR Report Filed 08:AFF REV ISS - Cert. of Affirmance/Reversal 08:AFFID DISP - Affidavit disposed of 08:AFFID FILED - Affidavit Filed 08:AFFIRM DISP - Motion to Affirm disposed 08:AM BRF DUE - Amended brief due 08:ANDR BRF LTR - Anders Brief Filed - Letter Sent to Appellant 08:ANOA FILED - Amended notice of appeal filed 08:ANT NC LTR - Letter Sent to Appellant Re: Failure to File CAIS 08:APE NC LTR - Letter Sent to Appellee Re: Failure to File CAIS 08:APPEAR DISP - Motion for Appearance Disposed 08:APPEARANCE - Entry of Appearance (and for Ratification, etc.) 08:APPENDIX FLD - Appendix Filed 08:APPT CNS DSP - Motion Requesting Appointment of Counsel Disposed 08:ARGUE DISP - Motion for Oral Argument disposed 08:AT ISSUE - At Issue 08:AUTHOR DISP - Motion to show Authorities disposed 08:AUTHORITIES - Motion to show authorities 08:BANKRUPTCY - Notice of Bankrupcy Proceeding filed 08:BOND AMENDED - Appeal Bond Amended 08:BOND DUE - Appeal Bond Due 08:BOND FILED - Appeal Bond Filed 08:BRIEF DUE - Brief Due 08:BRIEF FILED - Brief Filed 08:BRIEF RECD - Brief Received 08:CAIS ANT F - Civil appeals information sheet filed ant 08:CAIS APE F - Civil appeals information sheet filed by ape 08:CASE FORWARD - Case Forwarded to Higher Court 08:CASE RECEIVD - File received by Court of Criminal Appeals 08:CASE RETURN - Case Returned from Higher Ct. 08:CASE STORED - Case Stored 08:CCOPY FILED - Certified Copy Filed 08:CERT COPIES - Certified Copies Filed 08:CLARIFY DISP - Motion to Clarify Disposed 08:CLK REC DUE - clerk record due 08:CLK REC FLD - Clerk's record filed 08:CLK REC NP - Notice to party's that clerk's record not paid 08:CLK REC RECD - Clerk's record received 08:COMPEL DISP - Motion to Compel Disposed 08:CONSOL DISP - Motion to Consolidate Disposed 08:CONSOL FILED - Motion to Consolidate Filed 08:CONSTABL RET - Constable Return 08:CONTEMP DISP - Motion for Contempt Disposed 08:CONTEST FLD - Contest filed 08:CONTIN DISP - mt for continuance disposed 08:CORR JUDG - Corrected Judgment Entered 08:CORR MAN ISS - Corrected Mandate Issued 08:CORRECT DISP - Motion to Correct Disposed 08:CTR RPT DUE - Court Reporter Monthly Report Due 08:D/S FILED - docketing statement filed 08:D/S RECD - Docketing statement received 08:DEATH DISP - Suggestion of Death Disp 08:DEC BD DISP - Motion to decrease bond disposed 08:DECISION - Higher Court Decision 08:DECREASE BD - Motion to decrease bond (supersedeas, etc.) 08:DEF BRF NTS - Defective Brief Notice 08:DEFECT NOA - Defective Notice of Appeal Filed 08:DEPO FILED - Deposition filed 08:DISM DISP - Motion for Dismissal Disposed 08:DISM FILED - Motion for Dismissal Filed 08:DISMISSAL - Case is to be dismissed for failure to pay fil fee 08:DISQUALIFY - Motion to Disqualify Justice 08:DUPL MAN ISS - Duplicate Mandate Issued 08:ELCSOF FILED - electronic sfacts Filed 08:ELEC TAPES - Electronic Tapes filed/Statement of Facts 08:ELSOF TENDER - electronic statement of facts tendered 08:EN BANC DISP - Motion for En Banc Review disposed of 08:EN BANC REVW - En Banc Review 08:EXH DISPOSED - Exhibits Disposed Of 08:EXH DUE - Exhibits Due 08:EXH FILED - Exhibits Filed 08:EXH NOTICE - Exhibit Notice (Attys Notified to Pick Up Exhbits) 08:EXH RET TRCT - Exhibits Returned to Trial Court 08:EXH TENDER - Exhibits Tendered 08:EXP MAN DISP - Motion to Expedite Mandate Disposed 08:EXP MANDATE - Motion to Expedite Mandate 08:FF/CCL DUE - Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Due 08:FF/CCL FILED - Findings of Fact & Conclusion of Law Filed 08:HAB COR FLD - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus Filed 08:HABCOR DISP - Petition of Habeas Corpus disposed 08:INC BD DISP - Motion to Increase Bond Disp 08:INQUIRY - Letter of Inquiry 08:INQUIRY RESP - Letter of Inquiry Response 08:INSP FILED - Motion to Inspect filed 08:INTERV DISP - Motion to Intervene disposed 08:ISS WR DISP - Motion for Issuance of Writ Disposed 08:JBRIEF DUE - Jurisdictional Brief due 08:JBRIEF FILED - Jurisdictional Brief Filed 08:JUDG ENTERED - Judgment Entered by Court of Appeals 08:JUDG WITHDRN - Judgment Withdrawn 08:JUDGMENT - Judgment entered by the Trial Court 08:JUDGMT MAIL - Copy of Judgment Mailed 08:JURIS DISP - Motion Regarding Court''s Jurisdiction Disp 08:JURISDICTION - Motion Regarding Court''s Jurisdiction 08:LETTER BRIEF - Letter Brief or Quotations of Authority 08:LETTER FEE - Collection letter on Filing Fee 08:LETTER FILED - Attys, Ant, Ape (waive argu., for info., etc.) 08:LETTER RECVD - LETTER RECEIVED 08:LETTER SENT - Letter Sent by the Court 08:LIST OF AUTH - List of Authorities 08:LTR SENT - letter sent 08:LV INJUNCTON - Motion for leave to file injunction 08:LV MANDAMUS - Motion for leave to file mandamus 08:MANDATE ISS - Mandate Issued 08:MEM OF AUTH - Memorandum of Authorities 08:MNT FILED - Motion for New Trial Filed 08:MO REH DUE - Motion for Rehearing Due 08:MODIFY DISP - Motion to Modify Disp 08:MT ABATE - Motion to Abate filed 08:MT ACCELERAT - Motion to Accelerate Appeal Filed 08:MT AFFIRM - Motion to Affirm Judgment of Trial Court 08:MT AMBRF DSP - Motion to amend brief disposed 08:MT AMBRF FLD - Motion to amend brief 08:MT AMEN TRAN - Motion to Amend Transcript 08:MT APPEAR - Motion for Appearance 08:MT APPT CNSL - Motion to appoint counsel 08:MT ARGUE - Motion for Oral Argument 08:MT CERT DISP - Motion to Certify Question Disposed 08:MT CERTIFY - Motion to certify question 08:MT CLARIFY - Motion to Clarify Judgment, Order, etc. 08:MT COMPEL - Motion to Compel 08:MT CONT DISP - Motion to Continue Disposed 08:MT CONTEMPT - Motion for Contempt 08:MT CONTINUE - Motion to continue (appeal, hearing date, etc.) 08:MT CORRECT - Motion to Correct 08:MT DIS DISP - Motion to Dissolve Disposed 08:MT DISSOLVE - Motion to Dissolve (injunction, etc.) 08:MT EXPEDITE - Motion to advance or expedite 08:MT FILE DISP - Motion to File Disp 08:MT INC BOND - Motion to Increase Bond 08:MT INSP - Motion to Inspect filed 08:MT INSP DISP - Motion to Inspect Disposed 08:MT INTERVENE - Motion to Intervene 08:MT ISS WRIT - Motion for issuance of Writ (or Process) 08:MT MED DISP - Motion to Mediate Disposed 08:MT MODIFY - Motion to Modify 08:MT OBT REC - Motion to obtain record 08:MT PHV DISP - Motion fo Appear Pro Hac Vice 08:MT PHV FILED - Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice 08:MT POSTPONE - Motion for Postponement 08:MT PUB - Motion to Publish Opinion 08:MT PUB DISP - Motion to Publish Opinion disposed 08:MT R&REM - Motion to Reverse and Remand 08:MT R&REN - Motion to Reverse and Render 08:MT RECONSIDR - Motion to Reconsider 08:MT RECUSE - Motion to Recuse 08:MT REINSTATE - Motion to reinstate appeal 08:MT RELIEF - Motion for Relief filed 08:MT REMIT - Motion for Remittitur filed 08:MT REPLY BRF - Motion to file reply brief 08:MT RESCIND - Motion to Rescind Filed 08:MT SET ASIDE - Motion to set aside 08:MT SEVER - Motion to Sever 08:MT SPEND 73 - Motion to suspend rule 73 08:MT STAY - Motion to Stay 08:MT STAY DISP - Motion to Stay Disp. 08:MT STRIKE - Motion to Strike 08:MT STRK DISP - Motion to Strike Disp 08:MT SUB ATTY - Motion to substitute Attorney 08:MT SUB DISP - Motion to substitute attorney Disposed 08:MT SUP BRIEF - Motion to supplement brief 08:MT SUP REC - Motion to supplement record 08:MT SUP TRANS - Motion to supplemental transcript 08:MT TEMP ORDR - Motion for Temporary Order 08:MT TO FILE - Motion for leave to file 08:MT TO MED - Motion for Mediation 08:MT TRANSFER - Motion to Transfer case to another Court 08:MT TRSF DISP - Motion to Transfer case to another Court disp 08:MT VACATE - motion to vacate 08:MT WDR APL - Motion to Withdraw Appeal 08:MT WDR ATTY - Motion to Withdraw Attorney 08:MT WDR DISP - Motion to Withdraw appeal disposed 08:MT WDR EXH - Motion for Leave to Withdraw Exhibits 08:MT WDR FILED - Motion to Withdraw appeal filed 08:MT WDR OPIN - Motion to Withdraw Opinion 08:MT WDR ORD - motion to withdraw order 08:MT WDR REC - Motion to Withdraw Record 08:NO ANT BR - Letter Sent Re: No Appellant''s Brief Filed 08:NO APP BR - Notice to appellant that brief was not filed. 08:NO CLK REC - No clerk's record received 08:NO PDR - No petition for dis review filed 08:NO REHEAR - No rehearing filed 08:NO RPT REC - No reporter's record will be filed 08:NO RPT RECD - No reporter's record received 08:NOA DUE - Notice of Appeal Due 08:NOA FILED - Notice of Appeal Filed 08:NOTICE FILED - Notice filed 08:NOTICE SENT - Notice Sent Re: Appeal Filed/Record Due Date 08:NPT JUDGMENT - Nunc Pro Tunc Judgment 08:NPT OPINION - OPINION ISSD 08:NPT ORDER - Nunc Pro Tunc Order 08:NUMBR VOIDED - Number Voided 08:OBJECT DISP - Objection Disposed 08:OBJECT FILED - Objection Filed 08:OBRIEF DISP - Order Atty. to file brief disp 08:OBRIEF FILED - Order Attorney to file brief 08:OBT REC DISP - Motion to Obtain the Record Disposed 08:OPIN TO PUB - Opinion to publishers 08:OPIN WITHDRN - Opinion Withdrawn 08:OPINION ISSD - Opinion Issued 08:ORD APT ATTY - order appointing attorney from trial court 08:ORD ENTERED - Order Entered 08:ORD RESCIND - Order Rescinded 08:ORD WITHDRN - Order Withdrawn 08:ORDER REVIEW - Order for Review 08:ORDER SENT - Order Sent to Trial Court 08:OREC DISP - Order Record Disposed 08:OREC FILED - Order Record Filed 08:PAUPER OATH - Pauper''s Oath Filed 08:PDR DISP - Petition for discretionary disposed 08:PDR DUE - petition for discretionary review due 08:PDR FILED - Petition for discretionary 08:PET REV FLD - Petition for review filed 08:POSTPON DISP - Motion to Postpone disposed 08:PRO AB DUE - Pro Se's Amended Brief Due 08:PRO BR DUE - Pro Se Brief Due 08:PRO SB DUE - Pro Se Supplemental Brief Due 08:PTYS NC LTR - Letter Sent to Parties Re: Failure to File CAIS 08:R&REM DISP - Mot to Reverse & Remand Disp 08:R&REN DISP - Motion to reverse and render disposed 08:RE NEW ATTY - New Attorney Retained 08:REC SHIPPED - Record Shipped 08:RECALL DISP - Recall Mandate disposed 08:RECALL MAND - Recall Mandate 08:RECNSDR DISP - Motion to Reconsider disposed 08:RECORD DUE - Record Due 08:RECUSE DISP - Motion to Recuse Disp 08:REHEAR DISP - Motion for Rehearing Disposed 08:REHEAR DUE - Rehearing Due 08:REHEAR FILED - Motion for Rehearing Filed 08:REHEAR LATE - Rehearing filed outside of the 15-day grace period 08:REHEAR TNDR - Motion for Rehearing Tendered 08:REINST DISP - Motion to reinstate disposed 08:REINSTATED - Reinstate Appeal 08:RELIEF DISP - Motion for Relief disposed 08:REMANDED - Case Remanded - Pending Disposition On Remand 08:REMIT DISP - Motion for Remittitur Disposed 08:REMITTITUR - Remittitur Filed 08:REPLY BR DSP - Motion to file reply brief disp 08:REPLY BR DUE - Reply Brief Due 08:REPLY BR FLD - Reply Brief Filed 08:REPLY BR REC - Reply Brief Received 08:REQ ARG - Request for Oral Argument 08:REQ ARG DISP - Request for Oral Argument Disposed 08:REQ FF/CCL - Request Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law 08:RESCIND DISP - Motion to Rescind Disposed 08:RESET SMIS - Submission reset 08:RESP DUE - Response Due 08:RESPONSE - Response to Motion 08:RHR TENDER - Rehearing tendered 08:RPLY BR TNDR - Reply Brief Tendered 08:RPT REC DUE - court reporter record due 08:RPT REC FLD - Reporter's record filed 08:RPT REC NP - Notice to parties reporter's record not paid 08:RPT REC RECD - Reporter's record received 08:RSP TENDERED - Response Tendered 08:SBRIEF DISP - mt to supplement brief disposed 08:SBRIEF FILED - Supplemental Brief Filed 08:SBRIEF RECD - Supplemental Brief received 08:SCLK REC DUE - supplemental clerk's record due 08:SCLK REC FLD - supplemental clerk's record filed 08:SET BD DISP - Motion to Set Amount of Supersedeas Bond Disp 08:SET BOND - Motion to Set Amount of Supersedeas Bond 08:SEVER DISP - Motion to Sever Disposed 08:SFACTS FILED - Statement of facts filed 08:SHERIFF RET - Sheriff''s Return 08:SHOW CAUSE - Show Cause Hearing - Contempt 08:SOF TENDERED - Statement of facts tendered 08:SPET FILED - Supplemental Petition for Mandamus, et al Filed 08:SPND 73 DISP - Motion to Suspend Rule 73 Disposed 08:SPSOF FILED - Supplemental Statement of Facts filed 08:SPSOF TENDER - Supplemental Statement of Facts tendered 08:SRPT REC DUE - supplemental reporter's record due 08:SRPT REC FLD - Supplemental reporter's record filed 08:SSFACT DUE - Supplemental Statement of Facts Due 08:ST ASID DISP - Motion to set aside disposed 08:STAY MANDATE - Stay Issuance of Mandate 08:STIPULATION - Stipulation for Counsel 08:STRAN TENDER - Supplemental Transcript tendered 08:STRANS DISP - Mot ext time file Strans Disp 08:STRANS DUE - Supplemental Transcript Due 08:STRANS FILED - Supplemental Transcript filed 08:SUB ATT DISP - Motion to Substitute Attorney Disposed 08:SUB OPINION - Substitute Opinion 08:SUBMISSION - Submission 08:SUBMITTED - Submitted 08:SUGG BANKRUP - Suggestion of Bankruptcy 08:SUGG DEATH - Suggestion of Death 08:SUP BR DUE - Supplemental brief due 08:SUP BR RECVD - supplemental brief received 08:SUP BRF DISP - Motion to supplement brief disposed 08:SUP D/S FLD - Supplemental docketing statement filed 08:SUP OPINION - Supplemental Opinion 08:SUP REC DISP - Motion to supplement record disposed 08:SUP REC DUE - Supplemental Record Due 08:SUP SOF DISP - Mot supplement sof disposed 08:SUP TRAN DSP - Motion to supplement transcript disposed 08:SUSTAIN - Objection to Mediation Sustained 08:TR LATE L1 - 1st Letter Sent Re: Late Tendered Transcript 08:TRANS DUE - Transcript Due 08:TRANS FILED - Transcript Filed 08:TRANS TENDER - Transcript Tendered 08:TRANSC TAPES - Transcribed Tapes of Statement of Facts 08:TRANSFER IN - Case Transferred in 08:TRANSFER OUT - Case Transferred out 08:TRANSFER REC - Motion to transfer st of facts, etc. 08:TRANSFR DISP - Motion to Transfer disposed 08:TRNSFER DISP - Motion to transfer statement of facts disposed 08:VIDEO TAPES - Video Tapes filed/Statement of Facts 08:WAIVER - Waiver to file brief 08:WD PUB DISP - Motion to Withdraw Publication Disposed 08:WD PUB FILED - Motion to Withdraw Publication Filed 08:WDR APL DISP - Motion to Withdraw Appeal Disposed 08:WDR APPL FLD - Mtn to withdraw appeal filed 08:WDR ATT DISP - Motion to Withdraw Attorney Disposed 08:WDR ATT FLD - Mtn to withdraw attorney filed 08:WDR EXH DISP - Motion for Leave to Withdraw Exhibits Disp 08:WDR MAN DISP - motion to withdraw mandate disposed 08:WDR MANDATE - Withdraw Mandate 08:WDR OPN DISP - Motion to Withdraw Opinion Disposed 08:WDR ORD DISP - Motion to Withdraw Order Disposed 08:WDR REC DISP - Motion to Withdraw Record Disposed 08:WOE DENIED - Writ of error denied 08:WOE DISMISS - Writ of error dismissed 08:WOE DUE - Application for Writ of Error Due 08:WOE FILED - Application for Writ of Error Filed 08:WOE GRANTED - Writ of error granted 08:WRIT DISP - Writ Disposed 08:WRIT FILED - Writ Filed 08:XABRF DISP - Extension of Time to File Amended Brief Disposed 08:XABRF FILED - Mot. for Ext. File Amended Brief 08:XADV DISP - Motion to advance case dispose 08:XADV FILED - Motion to advance case filed 08:XAFFID DISP - Mtn. to Extend time to file Affidavit - Disposed 08:XAFFID FILED - Mtn. to extend to file Affidavid 08:XARGUE DISP - Motion for oral argument disposed 08:XBOND DISP - Motion - Ext to File Bond Disp 08:XBOND FILED - Motion - Ext. to File Bond 08:XBR LENG DSP - Motion for extension of brief length disposed 08:XBR LENGTH - Ext of Brief Length 08:XBRIEF DISP - Mot. for Ext. File Brief Disp. 08:XBRIEF FILED - Mot. for Ext. to File Brief 08:XBRLENG DISP - Extension on brief length disposed 08:XCLK REC DSP - exension on clerk's record disposed 08:XCLK REC FLD - extension on clerk's record 08:XELEC SFACTS - motion to extend time to file electronic sfacts 08:XJBRF DISP - Mot. Ext File Juris Brief Disp 08:XJBRF FILED - Mot. Ext. time to File Juris Brief 08:XMED DISP - Motion for Extension of Time to Mediate Disposed 08:XMED FILED - Motion for Extension of Time to Mediate 08:XNOA DISP - Motion Extend Time to File Notice of Appeal Disp 08:XNOA FILED - Motion Extend Time to File Notice of Appeal 08:XPDR DISP - Ext to file Petition for Discretionary Review disp 08:XPDR FILED - Ext to File Petition for Discretionary Review-CCA 08:XPET REV DSP - Ext to file petition for review disposed 08:XPET REV FLD - Ext to file petition for review 08:XREC DISP - Mot ext time file record disp 08:XREC FILED - Extend time to file Record 08:XRECONSIDER - Extension of time to file reconsider 08:XREHEAR DISP - Mot-Ext to File Rehear Disp 08:XREHEARING - Mot to Ext Time File Rehearing 08:XRESP DISP - Motion for Extension to file Response - Disposed 08:XRESP FILED - Motion for Extension to file Response Filed 08:XRPT REC DSP - extension on reporter's record disposed 08:XRPT REC FLD - extension on reporter's record 08:XSBRF DISP - Mot.-Ext. File Sup Brief Disp 08:XSBRF FILED - Mot. for Ext. File Sup. Brief 08:XSBRF RECD - Extension to file Supplemntal Brief Received 08:XSFACT DISP - Mot for Ext Stat of Facts Disp 08:XSFACT FILED - Mot-Ext. to File Stat of Facts 08:XSPSOF DISP - Mot ext time Sup Sfacts Disp 08:XSPSOF FILED - Mot Ext time file Sup Sfacts 08:XSTRAN FILED - Mot ext time file Strans 08:XSTRANS DISP - Mot ext time file Strans Disp 08:XTRANS DISP - Mot for Ext Transcript Disp 08:XTRANS FILED - Mot - Ext. to File Transcript 08:XWOE DISP - Motion to Extend Time to File Writ of Error Disp 08:XWOE FILED - Motion to Extend Time to File Writ of Error Filed 08:XWRIT DISP - Motion to Extend Time to file Writ Disp. 08:XWRIT DUE - Motion to Extend time to file Writ due 08:XWRIT FILED - Motion to Extend time to file Writ
09:Post Disposition Proceedings 09:CR APP - Court of Criminal Appeals 09:EN BAC - En Banc 09:FED CT - Federal Court 09:REHEAR - Rehearing 09:REMAND - Case Remanded 09:SUP CT - Supreme Court 09:US SCT - Supreme Court of the United States
10:Reason Set-Submitted Calendr 10:EXT REHEAR - Extension of time to file rehearing 10:ORIG PROC - Original Proceeding 10:REHEARING - Rehearing 10:SUBMITTED - Submitted
11:Description of Events 11:ADL - Ad Litem 11:AM CUR - Amicus Curiae 11:ANT - Appellant 11:APE - Appellee 11:APP - Applicant 11:ATTGEN - Attorney General 11:CLK - Clerk 11:CR - Criminal filing 11:CT MTN - Court of Appeals own Motion 11:CTR - Court Reporter 11:CV - Civil filing 11:CX ANT - Cross Appellant 11:CX APE - Cross-Appellee 11:INMATE - Inmate 11:JDG - Judge 11:JOINT - Joint 11:MED - Mediator 11:MEDIA - Mediation 11:OTH - Other 11:PRO SE - Pro Se 11:REL - Relator 11:RES - Respondent 11:RL PRT - Real Party in Interest 11:ST ATT - State Prosecuting Attorney 11:STA - State 11:TC - trial court
12:Case Status on Calendar 12:ABATED - Abated 12:BANKRUPTCY - Bankruptcy 12:CONSOLIDAT - Consolidated 12:DRAFT - Draft 12:EN BANC - En Banc 12:NO DRAFT - No Draft 12:TO R/C - To Rest of Court 12:TO S/P - To sitting panel
14:Calendars 14:APPL - Appeal to Higher Court 14:DISM - Dismissal 14:HOLD - Hold 14:ISSU - At Issue 14:MOTN - Motion 14:ORGN - Original Proceedings 14:SMIS - Submission 14:SMIT - Submitted 14:STAT - Status 14:STOR - Case Stored
15:Reason Set-Status & Orig Pro 15:32.1 DUE - 32.1 Response due 15:ABATED - Abated 15:ADR RPT DU - Settle/Not Settle - ADR Report Due 15:ANT AB DUE - Appellant Amended Brief Due 15:ANT BR DUE - Appellant Brief Due 15:ANT JB DUE - Appellant''s Jurisdictional Brief Due 15:ANT MT DUE - Motion on appellant's brief due 15:ANT RBF DU - Appellant's reply brief due 15:ANT SB DUE - Appellant Sup. Brief Due 15:APE AB DUE - Appellee Amended Brief Due 15:APE BR DUE - Appellee Brief Due 15:APE JB DUE - Appellee''s Jurisdictional Brief Due 15:APE MT DUE - Motion on appellee's brief due 15:APE SB DUE - Appellee Sup. Brief Due 15:APP AB DUE - Appellant's Amended Brief Due 15:APP BR DUE - Applicant Brief Due 15:APP JB DUE - Appellant''s Jurisdictional Brief Due 15:APP MT DUE - Motion on appellant's brief due 15:APP SB DUE - Applicant Sup. Brief Due 15:BOND DUE - Bond Due 15:CAIS DUE - Civil Appeal Information Sheet Due 15:CEN ST REV - Central Staff Review 15:CLK REC DU - Clerk's record due 15:CLK RECD - Clerk's record received 15:CLK RSP DU - Clerk's response due 15:COMP REC - Compliance Record 15:CTR RPT DU - Court Reporter Monthly Report Due 15:CXANTBR DU - Cross-appellant's brief due 15:CXAPEBR DU - Cross-appellee's brief due 15:EN BANC HR - En Banc Hearing 15:EXH DUE - Exhibits Due 15:FEE DUE - File fee due, not paid 15:FF/CCL DUE - Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law Due by Tr Ct 15:IN BNKRTCY - In Bankruptcy - Stayed until further notice 15:JBRIEF DUE - Jurisdictional Brief Due 15:JUR REVIEW - Jurisdiction Review By Court Pending 15:LATE NOA - Late Notice of Appeal filed 15:MANDAT DUE - Mandate Due 15:MD REC DUE - Modification of Record Due 15:MEDIATION - Mediation 15:MO REH DUE - Motion for Review 15:MOTN DUE - Motion Due 15:MT PHV DISP - Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice disposed 15:MT WDR DUE - Motion to withdraw due 15:NOA DUE - Notice of Appeal due 15:OPINION IS - Opinion to issue 15:ORIG PROC - Original Proceedings 15:PDR DUE - Petition for Discretionary Review Due 15:PRO AB DUE - Pro Se's Amended Brief Due 15:PRO BR DUE - Pro Se's Brief Due 15:PRO RSP DU - Pro se response due 15:PRO SB DUE - pro se supplemental brief due 15:RECORD DUE - Record Due 15:REH RSP DU - Response on rehearing due 15:REHEAR DUE - Rehearing due 15:REL BR DUE - Relator's brief due 15:RES BR DUE - Respondent's brief due 15:RESP DUE - Response Due 15:RET-NO ACT - Returned, No Actions 15:RPT REC DU - Reporter's record due 15:RPT RECD - Reporter's record received 15:RPT RSP DU - Reporter's response due 15:RSP ANT BR - Response Due Re: Appellant''s Brief 15:RSP ANT JB - Response Due Re: Appellant's Jurisdictional Brief 15:RSP APP BR - Response Due Re: Appellant''s Brief 15:RSP APP SB - Response Due Re: Appellant's Supplemental Brief 15:RSP CLK DU - Response on clerks record 15:RSP CLK NP - Resp from party regarding clerk's prep fee 15:RSP DBR DU - Response due on defective brief 15:RSP PRO BR - Response Due Re: Pro Se Brief 15:RSP RPT DU - response for reporters record due 15:RSP RPT NP - Response from party regarding reporter's fees 15:SCLK RC DU - supplemental clerk record due 15:SHOW CAUSE - Show Cause Hearing - Contempt of Court 15:SPET DUE - Supplemental Petition for Mandamus, et al Due 15:SREC DUE - Supplemental Record due 15:SRPT RC DU - supplemental reporter record due 15:STA AB DUE - State's Amended Brief Due 15:STA BR DUE - State Brief Due 15:STA JB DUE - State''s Jurisdictional Brief Due 15:STA MT DUE - Motion on state's brief due 15:STA SB DUE - State Sup. Brief Due 15:STF REVIEW - Staff Reviewing Record 15:STRAN RECD - Supplemental transcript received 15:STRANS DUE - Supplemental Transcript Due 15:TR MTN DUE - Motion on transcript due 15:TRANS DUE - Transcript Due 15:WOE DUE - Writ of Error Due
16:Reason Set - Motion Calendar 16:ACCELERATE - Motion to Accelerate Appeal 16:AMEND REC - Amend Record (Supplement Exhibits, brief, etc.) 16:AMEND TRAN - Motion to Amend Transcript 16:ARGUMENT - Motion for oral argument on motion 16:AUTHORITY - Motion to show authorities 16:BANKRUPTCY - In Bankruptcy 16:CERTIFY - Motion to Certify Question 16:CONSOL APP - Consolidate Appeals 16:CONTEMPT - Motion for Contempt 16:CONTINUE - Motion to Continue (Appeal, etc.) 16:DISMISSAL - Motion to dismiss 16:DISQUALIFY - Motion to disquality Justice 16:DISSOLVE - Motion to Dissolve (Injunction, etc.) 16:EXP MANDAT - Motion to Expedite Mandate 16:EXPEDITE - Motion to expedite 16:EXT ADV - Mot to Advance Submission 16:EXT AFFID - Extend time to file Affidavit 16:EXT ANT AB - Ext. of Time - Appellant's Amended Brief 16:EXT ANT BR - Ext. of Time - Appellant Brief 16:EXT ANT JB - Ext. time - Appellant''s Jurisidictional Brief 16:EXT ANT SB - Ext. of time - Appellant''s Supplemental Brief 16:EXT APE AB - Ext. of Time - Appellee's Amended Brief 16:EXT APE BR - Ext. of Time - Appellee Brief 16:EXT APE JB - Ext. of time - Appellee''s Jurisdictional Brief 16:EXT APE SB - Ext. Time - File Appellee''s Supplemental Brief 16:EXT APP AB - Ext. of Time - Appellant's Amended Brief 16:EXT APP BR - Ext. of Time - Applicant Brief 16:EXT APP JB - Ext. of time - Appellant''s Jurisdictional Brief 16:EXT APP SB - Ext. Time - File Appellant''s Supplemental Brief 16:EXT BOND - Ext. of Time To File Bond 16:EXT CLK RC - extension on clerk record 16:EXT EL SOF - motion to extend time to file electronic sfacts 16:EXT MEDIAT - Motion for Extension of Time to Mediate 16:EXT NOA - Extend Time to File Notice of Appeal 16:EXT PRO BR - Motion For Extension of Time to File Pro Se Brief 16:EXT RECORD - Ext of time file record 16:EXT REHEAR - Extension on rehearing 16:EXT RESP - Extend time to file Response 16:EXT RPT RC - extension on reporter's record 16:EXT SFACTS - Ext. of Time- State. of Facts 16:EXT SSFACT - Ext of Time-Sup State of Facts 16:EXT STA AB - Ext. of Time - State's Amended Brief 16:EXT STA BR - Ext. of Time - State Brief 16:EXT STA JB - Ext. of time - State''s Jurisdictional Brief 16:EXT STA SB - Ext. Time - File State''s Supplemental Brief 16:EXT STRANS - Ext. of Time - Sup. Transcript 16:EXT SUP BR - Ext. of Time - Sup. Brief 16:EXT TRANS - Ext. of Time - Transcript 16:INC BOND - Increase Bond 16:INSPECT - Motion to Inspect 16:INTERVENE - Motion to Intervene 16:ISSUE WRIT - Motion for Issuance of Writ (or process) 16:JURIS - Motion Regarding Court`s Jurisdiction 16:LV INJUNCT - Leave for injunction 16:LV MANDAM - Leave for mandamus 16:MODIFY - Motion to Modify 16:MT ABATE - Motion to Abate 16:MT AFFIRM - Motion to Affirm Judgment in Trial Court 16:MT AMBRF - Motion for leave to amend brief 16:MT APPEAR - Motion for Appearance 16:MT CLARIFY - Motion to Clarify Judgment, Order, etc. 16:MT COMPEL - Motion to Compel 16:MT CORRECT - Motion to Correct 16:MT COUNSEL - Motion for counsel 16:MT DEC BD - Motion to Decrease Bond (supersedeas, etc) 16:MT MEDIATE - Motion to Mediate 16:MT OBT REC - Motion to obtain record 16:MT PHV - Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice 16:MT R&REM - Motion to Reverse and Remand 16:MT R&REN - Motion to reverse and render 16:MT RECALL - Motion to recall Mandate 16:MT RECUSE - Motion to Recuse 16:MT REMIT - Motion for Remittitur 16:MT STAY - Motion to Stay 16:MT TO FILE - Motion to File (Trans., Court Brief, etc.) 16:MT WDR ORD - motion to withdraw order 16:OBJECTION - Objection 16:POSTPONE - Motion for Postponement 16:PUBLICATIN - Publication 16:PUBLISH - Motion to Publish Opinion 16:RECONSIDER - Motion to Reconsider 16:REHEARING - Rehearing 16:REINSTATE - Motion to Reinstate Appeal 16:RELIEF - Motion for Relief 16:REPLY BRF - Motion to file reply brief 16:REQ ARG - Request for Oral Argument 16:RESCIND - Motion to Rescind 16:RESPONSE - Response 16:REV & REM - Motion to Reverse and Remand 16:SET ASIDE - Motion to set aside 16:SET BOND - Motion to Set Amount of Supersedeas Bond Disp 16:SEVER - Motion to sever 16:SPEND 73 - Motion to suspend Rule 73 16:STRIKE - Motion to Strike 16:SUB ATTY - Substitute Attorney 16:SUGG DEATH - Suggestion of Death 16:SUP BRIEF - Motion to supplement brief 16:SUP RECORD - Motionto supplement record 16:SUP SOF - Motion to supplement statement of facts 16:SUP TRANS - Motion to supplement transcript 16:TEMP ORDER - Motion for Temporary Order 16:TRANSFER - Motion to transfer st of facts, etc. 16:VACATE - mt to vacate 16:WDR APPEAL - Appeal Withdrawn 16:WDR ATTY - Withdraw Attorney 16:WDR EXH - Motion for Leave to Withdraw Exhibits 16:WDR MANDAT - Withdraw Mandate 16:WDR OPIN - Motion to Withdraw Opinion 16:WDR ORDER - motion to withdraw order 16:WDR RECORD - Withdraw Record 16:X CXANT BR - Extension of time to file cross-appellant's brief 16:X CXAPE BR - Extension of time to file cross-appellee's brief 16:XBR LENGTH - Ext Brief Length 16:XRECONSIDR - Extension of time to file reconsideration
17:Dispositions 17:ABATED - Abated 17:AFFIRM - Affirmed 17:AFRRTC - Aff/Rev & Remanded to Trial Ct 17:AFRVRM - Affirmed in part and reversed and remanded in part 17:AFRVRN - Affirmed/Reversed & Rendered 17:CARJTC - Ct App Rev & Jud Tr Ct Affirmd 17:CARVAF - Court of Appeals Reversed and Affirmed 17:CARVRE - Reversed & Remanded to Ct. App 17:CAVARM - Court of Appeals Vacated and Remanded to Trial Cou 17:CONSOL - Consolidated/Voids 17:DEFER - Deferred 17:DENIED - Motion or Writ Denied 17:DISM - Dismissed 17:DISMJR - Dismissed-Want of Jurisdiction 17:GRANT - Motion or Writ Granted 17:HCRDEN - Habeas Corpus Relief Denied 17:HCRGRT - Habeas Corpus Relief Granted 17:MODIFY - Modified/Reformed and Affirmed 17:MOOT - Moot 17:MTNDUE - Motion due 17:NO ACT - Motion or Writ No Action Taken 17:OCPGRT - Original Contempt Proc Granted 17:OTHDIS - Otherwise Disposed 17:OVRULE - Overruled 17:REFAFF - Reformed and Affirmed 17:REFER - Referred to Mediation 17:REFNRE - Refused - No Reversible Error 17:REFUSE - Refused 17:REINST - Re-Instate Appeal 17:REMAND - Remanded 17:REMTCT - Remanded Tr Ct For Pun Hearing 17:REVACQ - Reversed and Accquitted 17:REVDIS - Reversed and Dismissed 17:REVREM - Reversed and Remanded 17:REVREN - Reversed & Rendered 17:RVRETC - Reversed & Remanded to Tr. Ct. 17:RVRNRM - Reversed and rendered and remanded in part 17:SEVER - Case severed 17:STAYED - Stayed 17:STRIKE - Strike 17:SUPREC - Ordered to supplement record 17:SUST - Sustained (granted) 17:TRANSF - Case Transferred Out to another Court of Appeals 17:TRAP74 - Trap 74 order 17:VACATE - Vacated 17:VOIDED - Voided 17:WITHDR - Withdrawn
18:Judge Initials 18:AJF - Justice Fish 18:ANS - Justice Stewart 18:BER - Justice Rosenberg 18:BHT - Justice Tunks 18:BJS - Justice Stephens 18:CAG - Chief Justice Guittard 18:CAW - Justice Williams 18:CBH - Justice Howell 18:CCH - Justice Hollingsworth 18:CEM - Justice Miller, Jr. 18:CFC - Justice Charles F. Campbell 18:CHS - Justice Storey 18:CIW - Justice Wright 18:CNM - Justice McKay 18:CRA - Justice Ashworth 18:CSC - Justice Carver 18:CTE - Chief Justice Enoch 18:CWM - Chief Justice McGarry 18:DGH - Justice Hankinson 18:DLB - Justice Bridges 18:EWS - Justice Smith 18:FAS - Justice Shumpert 18:FGE - Justice Evans 18:FJM - Justice F. Maloney 18:FVK - Jistice Klingeman 18:GEM - Justice Miller 18:GHR - Justice Rowe 18:GTB - Justice Bissett 18:GWW - Justice Whitham 18:HWH - Justice Hopkins 18:JAB - Justice Baker 18:JAD - Justice Devany 18:JAE - Justice Ellis 18:JAJ - Justice James 18:JAK - Justice Kaplan 18:JAM - Justice Moseley 18:JBB - Justice Burnett 18:JBM - Justice Morris 18:JBS - Justice Smith 18:JBZ - Justice Zimmermann 18:JCV - Justice Vance 18:JDO - Justice Ovard 18:JEK - Justice Kinkeade 18:JFO - Justice Onion 18:JGH - Justice Hill 18:JHW - Justice Whittington 18:JKA - Justice Allen 18:JLM - Justice McCraw 18:JNS - Justice Sparling 18:JOS - Justice Spurlock 18:JWW - Justice Wolfe 18:KBW - Justice Wiggins 18:LBM - Justice Mitchell 18:LBT - Chief Justice Thomas 18:MLW - Justice M. Whittington 18:NLH - Justice Hecht 18:PCG - Justice Guillot 18:PHD - Justice Dial 18:PNM - Justice McClung 18:PWN - Justice Nye 18:QAK - Justice Keith 18:RBM - Justice Maloney 18:RKW - Justice Weaver 18:RNB - Justice Brown 18:RRM - Justice Murray 18:RTS - Justice Scales 18:RWC - Justice Chapman 18:SFP - Justice Preslar 18:SLL - Justice Lagarde 18:TCC - Justice Chadick 18:TFC - Justice Coleman 18:TGS - Justice Sharpe 18:TLJ - Justice James 18:TMA - Justice Akin 18:TZR - Justice Robertson 18:WAB - Justice Barber 18:WAH - Justice Hughes 18:XXX - (Justice Unknown)
20:Reason Set-Dismissal Calendr 20:DISMISSAL - Dismissal of Case
21:Reason Set-At Issue Calendar 21:AT ISSUE - At Issue
22:Reason Set-Submission Cal. 22:SUBMISSION - Submission 23:SUBMITTED - Submitted
24:Reason Set-Appeals Calendar 24:CT REVIEW - Higher Court Review 24:EXT PDR - Motion to Extend Time to File PDR 24:EXT WOE - Motion to Extend Time to File Writ of Error
25:Reason Set-Case Stored Cal. 25:BANKRUPTCY - Bankruptcy 25:CASE STORE - Case Store 26:ORIGINAL - Original